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Pippa Chapman is an international multi-award winning artist who travels regularly between Europe and Australia, painting, studying and exhibiting her distinctive artwork. Pippa was self-taught as an artist, spending years researching and experimenting with what has become known as 'The Old Master Techniques' dating back to the early Renaissance. Her still lifes are always painted directly from life.

She describes herself as a Classical Realist and having been inspired for so long by the great European Masters from the Early Renaissance to the 19th Century European Academies, her work is heavily influenced by these styles.

For several years, Pippa has had a continuous course of studies which is ongoing in Florence, Italy, specifically targeting these methods, and further enhancing the knowledge already gained through her own research.

Each one of Pippa’s unique paintings take many months of patience, technical skill and expertise to produce and each piece will bring immense pleasure for many generations to come.

She has won many international awards including: 'Best Oil in Show' at London's prestigious Mall Galleries; 'Finest Brushwork in Show' also at the Mall Galleries; finalist in the UK 'Not The Turner Prize'; 'Best Realist Art Award' at Australia's largest exhibition of realist art, The Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne; The Art Renewal Centre's International Salon in the USA and finalist in Australia's Mortimer Prize.




"Many years ago I was asked how I classify myself as an artist. I decided to call myself a 'New Realist' - modernising realism by using the masterful and unsurpassed techniques used in the great European Academies and making them relevent to todays resurgence in realist art.

It has long been my aim to produce paintings of high quality which adhere to the strict principles of the past masters, from the early Flemish schools and Italian Renaissance, to the European academic theories which remained in widespread use up to the end of the 19th Century. Using their often complex techniques and methods, and without losing my fundamental artistic vision, I aim to breathe life into my subjects and turning ordinary, everyday objects into something beautiful.

My paintings are not designed to be photographic copies, but carefully crafted works of art painted directly from life. In a bid to achieve this and in order to keep pace with the general resurgence of the realistic styles of painting which have been much beloved since the Renaissance, I have completed a series of workshops in Florence, Italy, specifically targeting the methods of the Old Masters with the aim of improving both technically and artistically and further developing my overall style and approach to realistic painting."

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